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test knit #nordstrickhatno02

You would like to be part of the test knit for the nordstrick hat no. 02? That pleases me very much! 🙂 Please fill out the following form so I can get an idea of you and your knitting skills. I will contact you by email until Monday, as soon as the test knitters have been selected. The deadline for this shirt will be 19th August 2021. Until then, I wish you a wonderful day and look forward to your registration!

    What size would you like to knit? (chest circumference including 4.75 inches positive ease)
    Kids 18.5-19.5 inchesWoman 20-21.5 inchesMen 22.75-23.5 inches

    Would it be OK for you to post your knitting history on Instagram?
    yes of courserather not

    Which pattern would you like to test?

    Would it be OK for you to buy the pattern if you are not finished until the deadline?